Iced Ankh Pendant 14k Gold Plated Cz w/ 24" Rope Chain Hip Hop Necklace

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The ankh, also known as "crux ansata" is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph symbolizing "life".
Iced Out Ankh Crosses have quickly become all the rage in high fashion, spotted on some of the biggest influencer's of our generation. With real diamond ankh cross pendants ranging in the thousands of dollars, our version gives you the same high fashion look at a much more attainable price.

This is one of our debut combo sets, featuring a 3mm rope chain, and iced out Ankh Cross, together to create a great look!

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- Precision crafted and plated with 14k Yellow Gold over Jeweler's alloy metal.

Set Includes: (1) Ankh Cross Pendant and (1) 3mm 24" Rope Chain

- Height of Pendant is 32mm (1.26 inches)

Jewelry Care: Please avoid direct contact with water, perspiration, and chemicals such as perfume, detergent, and lotion. Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the quality of the plating on the metal. Also, exposing plated jewelry to liquids will cause the plating to lose its finish. Please take care to protect your bling as you would most jewelry